Islamorada hotel with private dockage on the Florida Bay.
The Ultimate Boating Vacation at Kon Tiki Resort
Florida Keys

The Ultimate Boating Vacation at Kon Tiki Resort

Planning a vacation to the beautiful Florida Keys and looking for the perfect place to stay that caters to your boating lifestyle? Look no further than our Islamorada hotel with boat slips. Our bayfront marina is the ideal spot for boating enthusiasts to dock their vessels and enjoy all the amenities that our resort has to offer.

Bayfront Marina Details

Our marina can accommodate vessels up to 23 feet in length and offers a range of convenient amenities for boaters. Here's what you can expect when you bring your boat to our Islamorada resort with dockage:

  • Can Accommodate Vessels 23 Feet or Less: Our marina is designed to handle boats up to 23 feet in length, making it perfect for most recreational vessels.
  • Water & Electrical Available at Dock: Enjoy the convenience of water and electrical hookups right at the dock, ensuring your boat stays in top condition throughout your stay.
  • Complimentary Dockage for Guests: As a valued guest, you'll receive complimentary dockage for your boat, allowing you to easily access the waters of the Florida Bay.
  • Fish Cleaning Table: After a day of fishing, take advantage of our fish cleaning table to prepare your catch for a delicious meal.
  • Complimentary Trailer Parking: We offer free trailer parking at the boat ramp, making it easy to store your trailer safely during your stay.

Each unit rental includes the use of the boat ramp and dock for one boat up to 23 feet in length on a first-come, first-served basis. Our marina is small and cozy, fostering a sense of community among our guests. When direct dockage is not available, boaters typically raft off each other. Cooperation, patience, and being a good neighbor are appreciated by all – after all, it might be you who needs a favor tomorrow!

The Benefits of Bringing Your Boat on Vacation to the Florida Keys

Staying at an Islamorada hotel with dockage offers numerous benefits for boating enthusiasts:

  1. Convenience and Accessibility: Having your boat docked right at the resort means you can easily head out for a day on the water whenever you please. No need to worry about driving to a separate marina or dealing with the hassle of boat ramps each day.
  2. Explore the Florida Bay: Islamorada is known for its stunning waters and excellent boating opportunities. From fishing and snorkeling to simply cruising along the bay, bringing your boat allows you to fully experience all that the area has to offer.
  3. Fishing Adventures: Islamorada is often referred to as the "Sportfishing Capital of the World." With your boat docked at our resort, you can take advantage of the prime fishing spots just minutes away. Use our fish cleaning table to prepare your catch for a fresh, delicious meal.
  4. Flexibility: Having your boat nearby gives you the freedom to explore the surrounding islands and waterways at your own pace. Whether you're looking for a secluded spot to relax or want to discover hidden gems, your boat provides the flexibility to create your own adventure.
  5. Enhanced Vacation Experience: There's something truly special about being able to step out of your waterfront cottage and onto your boat. The ease and convenience of having your vessel docked nearby enhance the overall vacation experience, allowing you to make the most of your time in Islamorada.

Community and Cooperation

Our marina fosters a sense of community among our guests. When direct dockage is not available, boaters often raft off each other, creating a cooperative and friendly environment. Patience and being a good neighbor are key to ensuring everyone has a pleasant experience. You never know when you might need a favor, and our guests are always willing to help one another out.

Plan Your Stay at Our Islamorada Resort with Dockage

If you're planning a boating vacation to the Florida Keys, our Islamorada hotel with boat slips is the perfect choice. Enjoy the convenience of our bayfront marina, complimentary dockage, and a range of amenities designed to make your stay enjoyable and hassle-free. Book your stay today and experience the ultimate boating getaway at our waterfront resort.